Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling

Gambling is a sure shot way of releasing some stress, getting an adrenalin rush and making some extra money. But as they say, too much of anything is bad. Once you get that taste of winning, if not kept under control, gambling can actually turn into a major addiction, often difficult to let go. Also called as ludomania, problem gambling is a craving to gamble constantly, completely neglecting any harmful consequences. Excessive addiction to gambling often permanently alters a person’s behavior towards himself as well as others.  

How to identify gambling addiction?

There are certain characters, common to most gambling addicts, which can help you identify their problem easily.

  • Facing problems to control the constant craving to gamble in any form
  • An urge to gamble with or without money 
  • Serious denial about their problem
  • Feeling the need to keep their gambling addiction  secret

Irrespective of the fact that he/she is losing heard earned money, a compulsive gambler cannot demean their urge to place just another bet. Do you face a similar kind of problem, or are trying to help a friend out suffering from gambling addiction. If so, few essential points can help you to stay on track and maximize your efforts to help a loved one.

  • First thing first, any compulsive gambler will try to convince you with different reasons to help them out financially. Never fall for any such reasons no matter how convincing they seem. An addict must learn to face the consequences of excessive gambling; a lack of adequate finances will be the first step to it.
  • Pretty much similar to asking a chain smoker to quit, asking a compulsive gambler to quit in a day is nothing but foolishness. They will completely misunderstand your effort and feel alienated. In order to develop a sense of trust between you and the addict, you must first try to be on the same page as him.
  • Thirdly, serious counseling should be suggested to someone suffering from gambling addiction. These therapeutic counseling sessions can help the addicts to let go of their constant desire to gamble and in turn hike their self esteem. Besides one is to one therapy, meeting other addicts can also help addictive gamblers. You can encourage a compulsive gambler to attend anonymous meetings to share their tales and get inspired from others. Often addicts feel completely alienated and meeting ones suffering from similar issues can give them the much required moral boost. 
  • Next, try be to emotionally supportive, even if it seems too much at times. Usually addicts suffer from serious lack of self esteem, and without that extra bit of attention and emotional push, it’ll can very tricky to get them back on track.

Having said all that, each gambler differs from another; hence the addiction patter differs as well. It takes an incredible amount of courage to face your problem and own up to it with head held high. With the right guidance and support from loved ones, one can gradually identify the problem and get rid of it for good.

Objective of Texas Hold’em

Many of you must be addicted to Texas Hold’em poker and must be aware of the main objective of the game. For those of you who do not have any idea about the objective of Texas Hold’em poker, you all must make it a point to read this article. 

When you play Texas Hold’em poker your main goal should be to use your hole cards and community cards to produce the best 5-card hand so that you can win the game as well as the pot (the total amount of money that the players contribute during the poker game). Therefore the objective of Texas Hold’em is to create the best hand, win the game plus the money. 

Today, Texas Hold’em poker is perhaps considered to be the most played and famous poker game and rightly so because the rules of the game are absolutely easy. Along with that, the rules are strict as well so that players cannot take resort to cheating. 

Generally, you would have to visit a land-based casino to play a Texas Hold’em poker game. But with the advent of internet you can actually play the game from the comfortable ambience of your home and win lots of money as well. 

The best thing about the online version of Texas Hold’em poker game is that you can participate in the game without using any of your precious money and enjoy the game without worrying about losing it as well. 

Here is a quick overview of Texas Hold’em poker game and every aspect related to it: 

Blinds: These are forced bets which are designed specifically to motivate the players to bet. If you are the player who is sitting on the left side of the dealer then you will have to place a small blind. The player sitting on the left side of you will then have to place a big blind. 

Hole Cards: Once the blinds have been posted, in a clockwise direction the dealer hands over two cards to every player. 

Pre Flop Betting: This is the 1st betting round in which you indulge in standard betting activities such as raise, call, fold and bet. Players who do not fold proceed to the next round. 

The Flop: The flop is the term that is used to describe the moment at which three community cards out of the five community cards are revealed by the dealer. After which the 2nd betting round continues and active players move to the next round. 

The Turn: The 4th community card is revealed by the dealer and the 3rd betting round continues. After which the players that have not used the fold option go to the last round. 

The River: The 5th community card is revealed and betting continues where active players raise, fold, call or bet. 

Showdown: Once the final betting round is over, the showdown begins. The player who is able to produce the best 5-card hand (the main objective of Texas Hold’em poker game) wins the game and obviously the pot as well. 

Blackjack Rules Of Play At Casinos

Casinos and that kick of adrenalin rush are two things that completely go hand in hand. But the only hitch is that, if you aren’t well adept at the game, forget the rush, all you will end up with is a big burnt hole in your pocket. So, the key is to know your game, buck up your confidence and go with the flow.  Coming to knowing your game well, blackjack is one such game which involves few essential rules, without which you will be left clueless at the table.

Blackjack Basics:

The key figure that blackjack revolves around is 21. Your basic aim is to play a hand such that it sums up to more than the dealer, without actually exceeding the value 21. The rules can vary slightly depending on where you are playing, so it is advised to keep a track of where you are playing to ace in it. 

Now that you know that the game revolves around 21 points, let us focus on how to actually play this game. A regular pack of fifty two playing card are used for this. Usually to prevent any discrepancies in the game, such as counting cards and so on, the dealers mix different decks, often termed as shoe. At a time simultaneous 8 players can match up against each other, where in the dealer coordinated the game. 

The game starts with 2 cars each for the dealer and you. Your cards will be faced up and the other way round for the dealer.

Understand the denominations and card values:

The game is played with 4 differently colored chips, which has different denominations associated to it. The highest denominations chips are the black ones which are worth 100 USDs followed by the green ones worth 25 USDs. The red and the white ones comes next being 5 USDs and a dollar each. 

Now, that you know the chip values let’s get into card values. 

King: Ten points

Queen: Ten points

Joker: Ten points

Ace:  Eleven or one points, the value you can choose

Number Cards: These cards are valued on the associated number, i.e. a 4 is a 4, a 5 is a 5 etc.

Placing Your Bets:

You have to place you bets on the table, in the circle/box assigned to you. Though there are betting maximum and minimum limits, nevertheless the betting amount pretty much depends on you. When the minimum bet is decided on, the maximum amount can be raised to maximum 20 times that. Once each player has decided on the bets, the dealer starts dealing. 

Understanding your hands:

There are 4 terms associated to hands, namely:

  • Win:  Here you pretty much win the amount you had staked along with the money actually betted. 
  • Lose: You lose to the dealer and the amount you bet is taken back. 
  • Push: This is not winning not losing situation. This happens if you as well as the dealer both have a blackjack.
  • Blackjack: This is the most lucrative hand where you take back one and a half times the bet placed. If you hold a king or queen along with as Ace is called a natural 21 or blackjack and you bag the game instantly if not the dealer has a similar set.

With these essential points in your mind, go ahead and try your first hand in a game of blackjack.

Sport Betting for Dummies

Almost each and every person on this earth must be aware of the concept of betting nowadays. With so many controversies going on due to betting people must be aware of the pros and cons of this issue. However there are places where betting has been made legal. So if you are lucky enough then you will get the chance of betting. There are people coming up daily to learn how to bet because many still do not know the proper procedure to approach this. So if you are a beginner then this article will definitely help you.

First of all there is a bookmaker who helps to price up the market over round. This will ensure the outcome of the game and decide whether the betting has resulted in a profit or loss. He is the one who decides on the prices in order to balance the over rounds. In such cases you may find that betting on a comparatively low profile game will give you more profit rather than betting on a hyped game. When you are into betting you should be really good in calculations otherwise you may end up losing even after winning a fair amount of profit.

Betting on various kinds of sports is available on a day to day basis. You just have to keep an eye on the internet and the various betting sites. You should also be aware of the withdrawal fees from the bookmakers. Some of the bookmakers may offer different type of sign up bonuses but you should read each and every clause in detail because there might be clauses which you may object to and if you do not read those then there would be high chances of you losing money after betting on a game. Most people who are into betting have eWallet so that the transfer of funds is faster than normal. If you have an account in Neteller then you will see that the fund transfers that are done results automatically and instantly and the money would be credited to your bank account in a minimum of three days.

Become An Online Gambler

Gambling has always been synonymous with great adrenaline rush, thrilling pass time and of course grand cash flow. As gambling came up online it turned out to be even more popular thanks to the ease of playing from home and the 24/7 availability of the internet casinos.  Are you too interested in gambling and would love to set the stakes like a pro? Well, albeit gambling assures huge cash winning opportunities- it’s a risky affair always and the jackpot only goes to the one who is thorough with the gambling tactics and their proper implementation. The article below discusses how to become a successful online gambler.

Gambling books & tutorials

Whether you want to gamble online or offline, you must rake to gambling books and tutorials. The gaming rules are more or less same both online and offline and hence you won’t need any specialized gambling rule book to learn the game lines of gambling games online. Follow the video tutorials as well where the expert players offer elaborate understanding on the games. 

Choose specialization

As a starter, try to have an exclusive focus on a certain or some certain set of games. There are a variety of gambling games around with diverse game lines and hence it would be difficult for anybody to mug up all the versatile rules all at once. 


After you have chosen your preferred gambling game and have learnt the gaming rules and nuances of the game, it’s time for some good practice. Just a mere mug up of rules won’t be enough to establish you as an online gambling pro. There are numerous free playing sites online where you can practice the learnt game lines in the actual online casino environment free of cost. A good practice amidst the virtual gaming portal will work to familiarize with the authentic atmosphere of a real virtual casino so that you never feel alien while playing from a real casino site.

Live gambling online

It’s good if you can start off your online gambling venture with live gambling virtual casinos. Actually the live online gambling will let you play with friendly dealers whom you can easily ask out for your gambling queries and tips, enhancing your gambling skills in turn.

How To Bet On Horses

Horse betting has been a favorite of bettors since ages. It was originally a game for wealthy & aristocracy but over time has pulled in the masses as well. Betting on horses has always promised great rush and fantastic cash winning opportunities for the bettors, provided you play diligently. If you want to have a prospective experience at the horse racing sector follow the article below as it’s all about the amazing tips on how to bet on horses.

Racing form

The horse’s performance in the race can be greatly measured by its racing form. You have to take into account both the past and recent racing forms of the horse. The past form will indicate the basic ability of the animal while its recent form will indicate its latest capacity. Your pick would be the one with strong winning past and fantastic performances in at least last 3 races. You should also consider the jockey’s record to ensure that your chosen horse is under a successful jockey.

Race course

This is another important factor to consider while betting on horses. Horses could be either turf horses or track horses, but not both. So, choose your horse depending on the current race track where you will be setting your stakes. Actually it all depends on the breeding type- some of the horses are bred for speed while some are for stamina. Thus, the betting experts always suggest taking a pedigree analysis of the horse you are focused on. 

Consider layoffs

When a horse is not into racing for over 45 days from the last race, it’s said that it is presently laid off. The racing horses with such a prolonged lay off won’t be able to perform to their authentic robust élan since these would need a warm up race. If your horse was recently into layoff and would be having the warm-up session in the current race, it’s better to avoid it as the warm up races are generally not prospective for the bettor. However, if the horse was into layoff recently but has already completed its warm up race, it can be a lifesaving bet no doubt as horses present a much enhanced performance after the warn up races post laid off period.