Texas Holdem Poker Tips

They say poker is just a game of luck! But the fact is that with the right strategies, techniques and tricks up your sleeve, you can easily master the game of chance. One of the most popular forms of poker, Texas Holdem is played and enjoyed all over the world. Now, to bag the game you need to get few strategies straight, your game face on and lots of practice!

There are few basic strategies to win a game of Texas Holdem Poker. Once you master them with time, you can chalk out your own strategies and gibe your opponents a run for their money. Now, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is without a good sense of observation, it will be not only tricky but nearly impossible to win even if you know your game rules well. Keenly monitor your opponent’s behavior, his body language, his betting pattern etc to get an idea of how strong his hands are. Along with a sense of observation comes spontaneity and confidence. No matter how strong your cards are, without the right dose of bluffing and spontaneity, winning can get tricky.  

Figuring out your betting strategy:

Before actually figuring out how to place your bets, focus on 3 essentials, namely-

  • Milking Cards: This pair includes couple of deuces
  • Big Pair Cards: This card combination of 2 includes queens, kings, jacks and aces.
  • Draws: Draws basically are card pairs with lesser denotations and hold less value than big pair cards

Now that you know you pairs well, the following tips will help you make the most out of a game of Texas Holdem.

  • The idea is to hold the very last spot among your competitors. This way not only you buy time to observe others strategy, but also formulate your tactics accordingly.  Keep a track on how the community cards (open cards) are used by your opponents to get an idea on how strong their hands are. 
  • Now, there is nothing wrong in being aggressive while playing, but keep in mind that if you hold a pair of non paired cards whose value is smaller than ten, fold before flop. If you are too confident and see a possibility of a flush or a straight, you can stick in with a smaller value of that particular suit. 
  • The next thing to keep in mind is that if your cards aren’t good enough then always pass your bet and wait for a stronger move. Learn to be patient.
  • Post the flop, with 7 players competing, if you don’t hold a sound position, you might hesitate to cut the losses.  This is a common mistake novices make.  Go ahead and get out of your hand. But with number of players decreasing, the chances of your opponent having a stronger hand also decrease. You might as well be aggressive at this point.

With these tricks and techniques in mind, all you need to do further is sharpen your skills and the one and only way of doing so is getting adequate practice. So get your friends together, your deck of card ready and start practicing. Soon you will be a master of Texas Holdem poker

Objective of Texas Hold’em

Many of you must be addicted to Texas Hold’em poker and must be aware of the main objective of the game. For those of you who do not have any idea about the objective of Texas Hold’em poker, you all must make it a point to read this article. 

When you play Texas Hold’em poker your main goal should be to use your hole cards and community cards to produce the best 5-card hand so that you can win the game as well as the pot (the total amount of money that the players contribute during the poker game). Therefore the objective of Texas Hold’em is to create the best hand, win the game plus the money. 

Today, Texas Hold’em poker is perhaps considered to be the most played and famous poker game and rightly so because the rules of the game are absolutely easy. Along with that, the rules are strict as well so that players cannot take resort to cheating. 

Generally, you would have to visit a land-based casino to play a Texas Hold’em poker game. But with the advent of internet you can actually play the game from the comfortable ambience of your home and win lots of money as well. 

The best thing about the online version of Texas Hold’em poker game is that you can participate in the game without using any of your precious money and enjoy the game without worrying about losing it as well. 

Here is a quick overview of Texas Hold’em poker game and every aspect related to it: 

Blinds: These are forced bets which are designed specifically to motivate the players to bet. If you are the player who is sitting on the left side of the dealer then you will have to place a small blind. The player sitting on the left side of you will then have to place a big blind. 

Hole Cards: Once the blinds have been posted, in a clockwise direction the dealer hands over two cards to every player. 

Pre Flop Betting: This is the 1st betting round in which you indulge in standard betting activities such as raise, call, fold and bet. Players who do not fold proceed to the next round. 

The Flop: The flop is the term that is used to describe the moment at which three community cards out of the five community cards are revealed by the dealer. After which the 2nd betting round continues and active players move to the next round. 

The Turn: The 4th community card is revealed by the dealer and the 3rd betting round continues. After which the players that have not used the fold option go to the last round. 

The River: The 5th community card is revealed and betting continues where active players raise, fold, call or bet. 

Showdown: Once the final betting round is over, the showdown begins. The player who is able to produce the best 5-card hand (the main objective of Texas Hold’em poker game) wins the game and obviously the pot as well.