Horse betting has been a favorite of bettors since ages. It was originally a game for wealthy & aristocracy but over time has pulled in the masses as well. Betting on horses has always promised great rush and fantastic cash winning opportunities for the bettors, provided you play diligently. If you want to have a prospective experience at the horse racing sector follow the article below as it’s all about the amazing tips on how to bet on horses.

Racing form

The horse’s performance in the race can be greatly measured by its racing form. You have to take into account both the past and recent racing forms of the horse. The past form will indicate the basic ability of the animal while its recent form will indicate its latest capacity. Your pick would be the one with strong winning past and fantastic performances in at least last 3 races. You should also consider the jockey’s record to ensure that your chosen horse is under a successful jockey.

Race course

This is another important factor to consider while betting on horses. Horses could be either turf horses or track horses, but not both. So, choose your horse depending on the current race track where you will be setting your stakes. Actually it all depends on the breeding type- some of the horses are bred for speed while some are for stamina. Thus, the betting experts always suggest taking a pedigree analysis of the horse you are focused on. 

Consider layoffs

When a horse is not into racing for over 45 days from the last race, it’s said that it is presently laid off. The racing horses with such a prolonged lay off won’t be able to perform to their authentic robust élan since these would need a warm up race. If your horse was recently into layoff and would be having the warm-up session in the current race, it’s better to avoid it as the warm up races are generally not prospective for the bettor. However, if the horse was into layoff recently but has already completed its warm up race, it can be a lifesaving bet no doubt as horses present a much enhanced performance after the warn up races post laid off period.