Buy Magic Equipment

fghfghfghIt’s imperative that one chooses the necessary accessories and equipments to perform any kind of magic. It could be a scroll, ring, wands, ropes, bars, coins, cards or a table. We have the different Magic kits and accessories for different categories of magic for sale. Some of the popular fast moving magic accessories are listed below.

  • Jumbo Playing Card deck
  • Basic Coin purse
  • Manipulation Cards
  • Fan holder set
  • Magicians cape
  • Crochet sponge balls
  • Bag to cape
  • Invisible elastic thread
  • Rubber band
  • Third fake hand
  • Bird cage
  • Fanning powder
  • Multiplying billiard balls
  • Plastic Egg
  • Ball holder
  • Flash paper card
  • Flaming torch

With the right choice of trick to learn and with the right magic equipment one can easily become a magician transforming reality into illusion in a blink of the eye.