Magic is a supernatural or unexplained act that defies science. Magic has been practiced since early human culture and is continued even today. People who perform magic are called Magicians and sometimes even termed as sorcerer or witch in the early centuries. A lot of ancient magic tricks were used to cheat people at gambling. Nowadays it is performed more as an entertainment show. Magic shows never fail to leave an audience spell bound. The inventor of the magic stage show was a French clockmaker called Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.
A magician is a person who entertains an audience by performing magic tricks or by creating illusions. These magic tricks and illusions will seem impracticable or supernatural to the audience. It takes hours of practice to master the art of magic. Some tricks require extensive training so that it is performed without any flaw otherwise the very essence of magical charm will be lost.

Magicians may pull a rabbit from an empty hat or make something to disappear, or transform a red ribbon into a bird. Magicians also perform tricks like cutting a head off, and then restoring it and making someone float. Most magicians use a combination of these uber for x Script illusions.

Magic is performed under a number of categories though widely acknowledged are the following eight genres.

img_magic1. Vanish – This is the art of making something disappear. Most commonly performed trick is to make a coin or a card or watch from the audience disappear.
2. Appearance – This is the art of making something appear out of nowhere unlike the vanish trick.
3. Levitation – This is the art of defying gravity.
4. Penetration – Penetration is one classic trick where on solid object seems to penetrate another solid object.
5. Transportation – The transportation is a trick magicians worldwide use to change one thing into another.
6. Mind Reading – This is an incredible feat of showmanship that leaves one wondering how they knew what’s on their mind.
7. Restoration – This is a trick where they destroy a thing and then bring it back to its original form.
8. Prediction – By this a magician accurately predicts the choice of an outcome of an event.

Types of magic

These are performed for large audiences like in a theatre or auditorium. This type of magic is characterized by large-scale props, the use of assistants and often animals such as elephants and tigers.
Street magic most often is referred to as “hand” or “pocket” magic. The finest thing about street magic is the flair in holding the attention of the on Award winning Clone Script Developers lookers with their tricks regardless of the props involved whether cards or coins or ropes or even occasionally mental tricks.
is done for large audiences but not large enough like that used for stage magic. It is performed mostly in rooms and hence the name parlor. In performing this magic the performer is usually seen standing on the same level as the audience.
is also known as close-up magic or table magic and is performed with the audience close to the magician, sometimes even one-on-one. The most commonly used props are the items that are used everyday like cards, coins etc.
tricks are designed to function on a computer screen. The magician here is the computer. These are online magic tricks and some require user participation, while others are based on mathematical or optical illusions.
as the name implies uses supernatural, horror, fantasy, and other similar themes. Bizarre magic is typically performed in a secure venue and sometimes in a stage.
is used to remove items from the audience thereby creating a surprise among them like removing wallets, belts, ties etc.
The performer creates the impression in the minds of the audience that the he possesses special powers to read thoughts, control other minds, and similar acts.
The audience here is the children and is performed in birthday parties and school events. Sometimes a combination of magic and mathematics is used to entertain children and is often termed as “Mathemagic”.
Apart from the above kinds of magic, there is also Gospel Magic that is used for evangelisation. Sometimes magic is used in combination with stand-up comedy, Also some famous artists perform the quick change magic in which the magic is combined with very quick change of costumes. There is also a freakish kind of magic called Shock magic in which performances like passing a needle through the arm, or eating a razor blade are enacted. In the modern era, many corporate sectors also engage magicians to perform shows for them.

Magic is undoubtedly an ancient art form. It resonates strongest with us when it lines up with something real in our lives. Magic is neither confusion nor a puzzle. It is a feeling. Magic touches people in their souls. This art form will thrive, and continue to evolve for thousands of years to come. There are many books on this art which explains the methodical approach to magic and ways to master it. And there are more online tutorials nowadays that teach magic and tricks for anyone who is interested.

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